Power Gems will showcase the GEN 2, a high speed ballast designed to operate any lamp from 6KW to 18KW in high humidity. The rugged GEN 2 offers proven reliability, safety and stability when operating in extreme environments and has a unique modular design for easy maintenance. 1000Hz operation comes as standard.

Power Gems are well-known in the TV and film industry for the design and supply of 1000 Hz high-speed HMI ballasts. GEN 2 is the next generation of the bestselling 18KW – every parameter has been improved ─ size, weight, noise, ambient temperature range and ability to withstand harsh mains conditions.

Visit Stand 123. View products for the LED control market including the PWM40, a combined 3kW power supply and 40-channel LED driver for the sound stage. And the new 70W LED bi-colour GEMtile, a broadcast-quality replacement ceiling tile for standard 600mm/2ft commercial office style fixtures.

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