Virtual Film Series FAQs

FAQs for the 2020 Virtual Film Series at Cine Gear 


Q: I signed up but I don’t see my credentials to log in. Where are they? 

A: Your credentials were emailed to the address you provided when you registered for the festival.  First, check your spam and “promotions” folders. If you still do not see it, fill out this form to reset your password.


Q: Where do I download the app?  

A: The apps (iOS and Android) can be found in your app store. Click here to access the Android app. Click here for the link to the iOS app. 


Q:  Can I watch this on a browser?

A:  Yes (use your same credentials emailed to you for app playback),   Here’s the link to the browser player.  If you have any issues first try clearing your cache, or playing from an incognito window. 


Q: How do I use the app?

A: Please visit our instructions page for steps on using the app.


Q: How much does the festival cost?

A: It is free!


Q: Is there a deadline for registration?

A: There is no deadline for registration, but we recommend that you do so ahead of time to make sure that any technical difficulties can be resolved before the festival.


Q: Where can I see the list of films that will be in the festival?

A: Please visit our 2020 Film Series Finalists page to see the films that will be shown in the festival.


Q:  I can log into the app, but  I don’t see anything other than a blank page with a message similar to  “no channels available,”  what is wrong?

A:  Contact support, so they can address the issue. Alternatively, register with a different email address and try your new account.  


Q: I still need help, how can I contact you?

A: You can email us at or call us at 310-868-0828.


Q: What other virtual events is Cine Gear hosting?

A: Visit our On Air page to learn more about our other virtual events.



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